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Thread: Kramer Parts for Sale - F6000 Body, Righty Neck, Gold OFR

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    Default Kramer Parts for Sale - F6000 Body, Righty Neck, Gold OFR


    I bought a lefty Kramer F-6000 body and Righty Kramer neck from Joe several years ago with the intention of putting together a reverse headstock kramer build. Even got a brand new gold original floyd for it too. Given the fact that I still haven't done anything with it I think it may be time to let it go.

    Bunch of photos here:

    So the body as you see has a number of dings, but overall isn't too bad. I took a stab at wet sanding it, and it did actually help quite a bit, but you can see at the bottom right edge where I accidentally scratched it up and in the horn area. It was my first time wet sanding and I kind of used it as a learning experience.

    Quote from Joe regarding the body:

    "1988 F-6000 Alder, see thru red, recessed ofr route, Slanted H/S/S V/T/T with 5-way strat switch and mini toggle. Black hardware factory, and only made 1-1/2 years toward the end of Kramer. Came equipped factory with the same neck as the Americans and was basically an American with Duncan Designed pickups
    Not to be confused with a Focus which were always chrome hardware with a top mounted floyd and non tilt back neck like the Americans and FXXXX series. It's the only lefty F6000 that I know of, I'm sure there are others but I haven't seen one and I'm always looking for this shit. The see thru red is another rare thing about this body, not many, even righty were made in that finish."

    While the routing is for an OFR- it was the old kind with the screws rather than the posts so a little drilling may be required for an OFR to make the holes bigger. I believe I may have a generic neck plate and an output jack cover that he gave me for this project. I just need to dig around for it.

    Also pictured is a righty neck. Joe had taken it upon himself to sand the back of it, and while he did a decent job I think it needs a bit more very fine sanding to be perfect.

    The gold original floyd is brand new and hasn't been used. I've opened the box to take a look at it but that's about it. Comes with L2 nut.

    To be honest I'm not sure what these are really worth or even what I paid Joe back in the day, so I'll start it off at $150 shipped for the body, $120 shipped for the neck, and $200 shipped for the gold floyd. Happy to go lower if you buy 2 or all 3.

    *EDIT* Located in Los Angeles, CA
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