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Thread: Looking for the most Jeff Hanneman-like lefty guitar.

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    Default Looking for the most Jeff Hanneman-like lefty guitar.

    Here are my two options so far:


    I want a floyd, 24 frets, and 25.5" inch scale. I think these two are as close as I'll get unless I drop the big bucks on a custom (Which I won't). They're very similar guitars, and I'm looking to hear info on the quality of the Floyd on both, and the difference in sound with the pickups. I LOVE the single volume control on the M-400, which makes me lean that way.

    Jeff Hanneman is one of my all time favorite guitarists and I love Slayer. I'm almost considering purchasing a sticker set to really match his raiders guitar.

    If I could find a used M-1000 on reverb I think I'd pull the trigger immediately, saw one go about a month ago for $600.
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