So, I just got a body in the mail that I ordered a little while ago (made by Chris Mai). I bought it secondhand from the dude that ordered it originally. Much to my horror, when it got here I discovered that the neck pocket is 59.50mm wide! Holy shit! I understand necks/pockets vary in size but hot DAMN son! Yeah, I've been told alllll about the Fender gaps in neck pockets and all that. Rich Harris sends guitars BACK to Japan when they show up with unacceptable gaps (ones that can't be reasonably shimmed). That's my line of thinking too!

I had originally thought the 56mm (measures to 56.56mm) pre-TJC Prestige neck I already have would have worked a treat. Nope, it's swimming in that pocket. I REALLY don't want to tear down my S series just to take that TJC neck off it and then end up shimming everything. It's perfect as it sits! So, anyone got a spare Team J. Craft Prestige neck laying around.....or know where there is one?

I'm seriously contemplating BUILDING a neck, but would genuinely rather this LAST Ibanez project to have a real Ibanez neck on it. I don't REALLY want to shim it with Popsicle sticks.....maybe as a last resort but CERTAINLY NOT for the 56mm neck I have. That's just a bridge too far. The TJC neck on my S measures out to 57.66mm. I'd rather shim the split difference of a 1.84mm (for a TJC neck) gap versus a split difference of 2.94mm. 2.94 divided by two (either side of the neck in the pocket) is nearly 1.5mm on both sides. The TJC neck gap on either side would be less than a millimeter on either side. MUCH easier to shim and have it not be unsightly.

Maybe even if someone has a beat to Hell RG1570L TJC (the one in Chris' Craigslist thread isn't TJC) they want to sell for cheap? Parts mule? Anyhow, let me know.....and I've been scouring the usual sites too. I'm in no hurry as I've got a couple other things I'm finishing up but I'd like to get a lead on something so I'm not hopeless on this one.