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Thread: Any of you guys have long hair?

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    Mine went back and forth for years, but since 2011 i've kept it pretty long. It's the longest it's ever been right now, way down my back. I think about getting rid of it all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lostinthemasses View Post
    I donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.
    Thanks, I havenít cut my hair yet so Iíll donate to them.
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    Im all over this like a fat bitch grabbin the last slice of pizza.

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    Yeah, long hair on my face! I buzz my head.....can't seem to shake the US Army hair cut routine. I always kept my hair buzzed while in uniform. Since 2012 I've been growing my beard out. Sometimes I let it go for many months then trim it down, but I've always got a beard. I get split ends from always chewing on it, bad habit.....so I trim then let it grow again. I haven't had long hair since high school......about 7th grade so 1994ish. Not sure how to spell it, but I had that hairstyle that Jason Newsted had in the AJFA days.....long but shaved underneath....

    I've no desire to grow that out again. I like the ease of short hair. When my beard goes wild it looks like Brett Kiesel's. I trimmed it down a few days ago and by Summer it'll be pretty long again.
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